A story told in musical stream of consciousness…


I am primarily a guitarist based in the Los Angeles area.  I’ve been involved in music in some way or another since discovering the family piano at around six years old.  I picked up guitar and saxophone a few years later, but hated guitar, quit, and rediscovered/fell in love with it when I was fifteen.  Throughout high school, I took lessons in classical guitar, continued to play saxophone, and began to unlock a very broad interest in music and its many genres/styles.  I attended USC’s Thornton School of Music and received a degree in Studio/Jazz guitar performance in 2008.  I spent my time at USC studying jazz and improvisation, classical guitar, and expanding my knowledge and understanding of music, creativity, and what it all meant to me on a personal level.  I have spent the last six years performing and writing with various rock/pop/indie groups and artists.  I have been regularly involved in composing and performing music for modern dance.  I teach private guitar lessons in Pasadena, CA.  I have a healthy appetite for all music and sometimes find myself paralyzed by the many directions and areas I would like to pursue.  And I have generally found myself interested and participating in musical ventures I would have never expected.  (And I wouldn’t have it any other way.) 

Which brings us to the present, where I am still studying guitar and music everyday.  Still working to understand music and creativity, and its meaning to me as I continue to evolve.   Thus, the idea for a blog.  This site was created as a home for my music, but it is also a creative outlet.  It is an exercise in creativity more than any other single purpose.  A challenge to keep creativity flowing.  And in that way, it may be more about myself than anything else, but I hope that you enjoy the music found here.  You will hear free form improvisations, through composed music, and anything that I write/record and deem worthy of sharing. 

Additionally, I’m a bit of a hobbyist photographer. So I will also be using this site to share some of the photos I have taken throughout the years.

All music found here is downloadable via SoundCloud.  If you enjoy what you hear, by all means, feel free to download it for personal use.  If you have any questions feel free to email me at:  lifetrackedinsound@gmail.com

Be well.

-Lucas Martinez

photo courtesy of JP Agustin


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